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Re: Anyone doing WiFi throughput tests?

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On 2012-05-27 7:40 PM, Adrian Chadd wrote:
> On 27 May 2012 08:08, Ben Greear <greearb@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> Do you have a link to anyone selling this AP, or is it just an
>> engineering sample as well?
> The board is an engineering sample but (a) customers and developers
> can ask for them under NDA, (b) yes, openwrt developers have done this
> and have the hardware, and (c) the chip is shipping as far as I'm
> aware.
> It's "just" a MIPS74k + AR9340 (3x3) + on-board AR9580 I think. I'll
> have to double check. The wireless NIC side of things is pretty
> standard though, so any Osprey NIC will be fine.
>> I can't even find marketing type pages for AR9340, search results come up
>> empty at :P
>>> [  3] 33.0-34.0 sec  39.0 MBytes   327 Mbits/sec   0.253 ms   13/ 5002
>>> (0.26%)
>> Those are nice results!  I'll try WPEA-127N as AP and STA and see what I
>> get.
> That's what you should be getting. I'd be really surprised if you didn't. :-)
> nbd has said he'll look into it, so between Sujith and Felix I think
> we're well covered for now.
> Thanks for bringing this to everyone's attention Ben!
I already committed some performance fixes in OpenWrt that bring UDP
performance over a WDS link between an AR9344+AR9380 (Atheros DB120) and
an AR7242+AR9380 (TP-Link TL-WR2543ND) up to about 310-320 Mbit/s, when
doing Tx on the DB120 side. Reverse direction is slower, because AR7242
isn't as powerful as the AR9344.

These fixes do not touch ath9k, I only tweaked the network stack to
avoid redundant copying/reallocation of skb data.

- Felix
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