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RE: [PATCH 3/3] mwifiex: fix kernel warning in ibss start/join path

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Hi Johannes,

Thanks for your comment.

> > From: Amitkumar Karwar <akarwar@xxxxxxxxxxx>
> >
> > Since cfg80211_ibss_joined() is called inside ibss join callback
> > routine, following kernel warning is hit while starting/joining
> > an ibss network.
> >
> > "WARNING: at net/wireless/ibss.c:63 cfg80211_ibss_joined+0x35/0xb6
> > [cfg80211]()"
> >
> > Update "wdev->ssid" and "wdev->ssid_len" in ibss join callback to
> > fix this warning.
> Guys, no. The documentation for this explicitly says:
>  * @ssid: (private) Used by the internal configuration code
>  * @ssid_len: (private) Used by the internal configuration code

Sorry, I should have been aware of that.

> Don't touch it. I knew I should have hidden these fields from driver
> view, but it wasn't easily possible.
> If you're using the API wrong then you should fix that instead. In
> particular, you should only call cfg80211_ibss_joined() when you
> actually know the BSSID of the IBSS you've joined. You can't possibly
> know this at this point since you can't even have scanned for peers yet.

In .join_ibss handler, mwifiex driver sends a command to firmware to start/join an IBSS network.
This command is a synchronous call. When the command response comes back we have started/joined it successfully, otherwise an error code will be returned. However, we are still inside .join_ibss handler at this moment. Calling cfg80211_ibss_joined() gives us the warning because ssid_len hasn't been set by cfg80211 yet.

Anyway, we will look for other solution to resolve the kernel warning.

Hi John,

Please drop this patch.



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