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[WIP] rtlwifi: rtl8192su subdriver

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Hello all,

I would like to submit the work I have done so far on a native mac80211 driver for the RTL8192SU family of chips (91SU/88SU also). It builds off of the rtlwifi driver, especially the rtl8192se subdriver, as well as the r8712u and the deleted rtl8192su staging drivers.

The first few patches are enhancements or bug fixes to the rtlwifi core which I would like to get pulled upstream after review. The second to last patch is an ugly hack to allow subdrivers to register new/different features with mac80211 (hardware scanning, for instance). And the last patch adds the work done so far on rtl8192su.

As of now, the rtl8192su subdriver can initialize the hardware, load the firmware, setup bulk communication, and configure the RF/BB/PHY. There are a handful of FIXMEs scattered around the code, and many of the new FW commands still need to be implemented. The site survey FW command works quite well and returns available BSSIDs in the area. However, the firmware currently eats beacons and returns the scan results in a struct that will require some work to feed into mac80211.

(I'm too tired to setup git-send-email tonight, so please pardon the following manually sent patches which are not inlined.)

Joshua Roys

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