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Re: rtl8192ce makes keyboard repeat and mouse freeze

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On 05/01/2012 03:42 PM, simple w8 wrote:
2012/5/1 Larry Finger<Larry.Finger@xxxxxxxxxxxx>:
On 05/01/2012 08:36 AM, simple w8 wrote:

SEams that was your last fix for rtl8192;a=commit;h=eb641120479de7ee703fabb5e6ee0ec7947474ba
   that reduced the wifi force, thus detecting less wifi networks.

Running without that "fix" the notebook detects more wifi networks,
seams like the antenna have more force.

You keep talking about "antenna force". What does that mean?

That patch keeps your device from running forever at a maximum of 1 Mbps by
adjusting the initial gain of the RX amplifier. You may reverse it if you
want so that you can detect more APs when you scan; however, most people
prefer to get better performance from the device. That patch will not be

Could you please clarify a litle more about the why and the patch fix?

Before that patch, when the device scanned after the connection was up and running, it set the gain very low. When that happened, the receiver failed to see any info coming from the AP. The AP would retry several times, and then cut its transmit rate to 1 Mbps. That rate would stay until rtl8192xe was unloaded and reloaded. To me, that is a lot bigger problem that what you are seeing, which is why I will not change it back!


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