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Re: [PATCH] mwl8k: Add 0x2a02 PCI device-id (Marvell 88W8361)

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On Fri, Apr 27, 2012 at 11:53:28PM +0200, Sedat Dilek wrote:

> >> So, Lennert if you want more testing - What? How? etc.
> >
> > For one, the output of 'iw phy', please.
> >
> > Also, does monitor mode work?  Do you get plausible channel/rxpower
> > values in tcpdump in monitor mode?
> >
> > Are there any messages in the syslog about failing commands?
> On 1st sight, logs look fine:
> [21:52:52] <lautriv> [    6.050967] ieee80211 phy0: 88w8361p v4,
> 00173f3bdde3, STA firmware
> But WLAN connection is not that fast and stable as lautriv reports
> (several abnormalities were observed).

iwconfig saying "Bit Rate=1 Mb/s" can be safely ignored.  If there is
a bitrate indication on transmitted packets in tcpdump, then that's
bogus too, as rate control is done in hardware.  (I.e. if you want to
verify the rate at which a packet is transmitted, you'll have to sniff
from another machine.)
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