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Re: [PATCH] mwl8k: Add 0x2a02 PCI device-id (Marvell 88W8361)

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On 04/29/2012 01:26 AM, Sedat Dilek wrote:
On Sun, Apr 29, 2012 at 1:11 AM, Jim Cromie<jim.cromie@xxxxxxxxx>  wrote:
On Sat, Apr 28, 2012 at 4:49 PM, Sedat Dilek<sedat.dilek@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>  wrote:
On Sun, Apr 29, 2012 at 12:36 AM, Jim Cromie<jim.cromie@xxxxxxxxx>  wrote:
As already pointed out, no Marwell WLAN hardware here. Marvell comics
of course :-).
(I had to leave that one..:-)

A new tarball from lautriv with same outputs as before, but now tested
with Linux-3.4-rc4.

- Sedat -

heres my logs, using firmware extracted by Sedat's script,
and the patch on mwl8k.c

bottom-line, it appears to be working.

its contents are a bit more pedantic, and includes data for
another wifi card (rtl8180 based) also in the box.
It was obtained by this script:


# dmesg (Linux-3.3.3)
# e_n_a (/etc/network/interfaces)
# ifconfig output
# iwconfig output
# iw_phy output
# ps_axu (WPA) output

devs="wlan0 wlan1"

loudly () {
    echo "# $@"
    fname=`echo $@ | sed -e 's/ /-/g'`
    $@ 2>  $fname-err | tee $fname
    [ $? != 0 ]&&  echo non-zero exit on $fname: $?
    [ -s $fname-err ] || rm $fname-err

( iw --debug event -f>  iw-event-f )&

for N in 0 1 ; do
    loudly iw dev wlan$N interface add fish$N type monitor # flags none
    loudly iw dev fish$N set channel 8
    loudly ifconfig fish$N up
    ( tcpdump -i fish$N -s 65000 -p -U -w  fish$N.dump )&

loudly iw list

#loudly iwspy
# gives: Interface doesn't support wireless statistic collection

for dev in $devs ; do
    loudly ifconfig $dev
    loudly iwconfig $dev
    loudly iwlist $dev scan
    loudly iw dev $dev info
    loudly iw dev $dev link
    loudly iw dev $dev scan
    loudly iw dev $dev survey dump

for phy in $phys ; do
    loudly iw phy $phy info

# these are unsupported on wlan0
loudly iw dev wlan1 survey dump
loudly iw dev wlan1 station dump
loudly iw dev wlan1 station get $apmac

for N in 0 1 ; do
    loudly iw dev fish$N del

kill $pid_dump_fish0 $pid_dump_fish0
kill $pid_event

dmesg>  dmesg

grep -vE '^#|key' /etc/network/interfaces>  e_n_a

Hi Jim,

thanks for your testing and the nice testcase-script!

lautriv you wanna run some more tests with Jim's script?

Jim, how stable/fast/reliable is your WLAN connection?
Suspend/resume tested?
I havent tested reliability in any way.
in fact, I havent tested any data-xfer per se,
will do an iperf test soon.

That said, bitrate is quite low, I havent looked at why.

jimc@chumly:~/projects/lx/wifi/mwl8k-8361p-logs$ grep -i MBit *
iw-dev-wlan0-link:      tx bitrate: 11.0 MBit/s
iw-dev-wlan1-link:      tx bitrate: 1.0 MBit/s
iw-dev-wlan1-station-dump:      tx bitrate:     1.0 MBit/s
iw-dev-wlan1-station-get-00:14:d1:e8:65:0a:     tx bitrate:     1.0 MBit/s

my laptop is much faster than both cards in the soekris box, to same AP

Connected to 00:14:d1:e8:65:0a (on wlan0)
        SSID: yoduh
        freq: 2447
        RX: 191134302 bytes (2120068 packets)
        TX: 17440426 bytes (120666 packets)
        signal: -45 dBm
        tx bitrate: 54.0 MBit/s

        bss flags:
        dtim period:    0
        beacon int:     100

If you all have some suggestions on this, Id like to hear them.
And of course, any other testing you'd like too.

Hope this helps to get native Linux support for 8361p.
hear hear.
FWIW,  I pulled this card out of a dead Netgear WNR854T,
which is linux based (and GPL compliant)

- Sedat -

P.S.: BTW, only to clarify it should be "e_n_i" as short-form for
/etc/network/interfaces file, but e_n_a sounds more female and nicer
I caught that, but it wasnt worth "correcting" ;-)

Unfortunately, [1] says not much about debugging.
Anyway, Lennert has some new informations.
Let's see what the experts will say.

- Sedat -


ok, as far as i can see for now, it looks like the actual solution is ignoring/rejecting any manual command to set parameters, neither iwconfig nor iw will change any settings. wpa_sup brings the card up and does also WPA2 but nothing else is tuneable thus a connection via 1Mb/s.

attaching a tarball from the results of the script which produced 42 files of output.

Attachment: sedatscript.tar.xz
Description: application/xz

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