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Re: AR9170 documentation for a driver port?

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On Wednesday, April 25, 2012 09:29:52 PM Stephen P wrote:
> I've looked through carl9170 briefly, but is there anywhere I can find
> an explanation of the USB protocol and documentation about the chipset?
In the headers:
eeprom.h - eeprom layout (i.e.: calibration, gain, ...)
fwcmd.h  - firmware commands (read/write register, set channel, set key, ...)
fwdesc.h - definitions about the firmware descriptor
		 (at first, that's probably not very important)
hw.h     - hardware register file (mostly the MAC registers)
phy.h	- hardware register file (PHY registers)
wlan.h	- definition of the tx and rx headers (and tails)

other than that, there's still the original ar9170 (less complex,
but different firmware) and of course the original vendor driver:

So much for carl9170. If you want documents about the chip then
you have to ask a Qualcomm rep.

> Essentially I just want to put the device into monitor mode, be able
> to change channels, etc. Any information would be appreciated.
Actually, you could just capture what the driver does to setup the device
[the userspace usbmon tools can help there] and simply replay the commands.
But if you want, you can of course port the code from phy.c, mac.c into
java and start from there. Good luck!

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