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Re: Question about rtl8188RU chipset.

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On 12/09/2012 10:03 AM, Дмитрий Жужгов wrote:
I have a problem using ALFA AWUS036nhr card, with rtl8188RU chipset in
BackTrack R3, with best suitable (as posted on forums) compat-wireless
driver for rtl8192CU chipset.

What compat-wireless version are you using? The "best" compat version to use is the compat-drivers version released on 12-04-2012.

Problems are following:
1. Airodump-ng , shows that all clients are "no assocciated".
2. Can't change TX power above 20dBm even in BO region.
3. Can't connect to AP with WPA using WiCd, because "bad password".
4. When using WireShark i can't any "Probe Response" frame.

Looking at WEB i've found many similar issues:

Can you explain me about supporting this chipset, who can I contact
and what can i do to solve this problem ?

I had not tested my Alfa AWUS036NHR recently. The kernel driver works with the RTL8192CU chip, but apparently fails with the RTL8188RU. Obviously, that needs to be fixed, but I cannot estimate when that will happen.

The Linux driver contained within the file named on the Realtek web site does work. It needs patching to build on 64-bit systems and on kernel 3.7. If you want the patch, please contact me with PM. I see no need to send that patch to all subscribers of the wireless ML.

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