Re: [PATCH V2] watchdog: mpcore: Add DT probing support for ARM mpcore watchdog

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On 4/23/12, Marc Zyngier <marc.zyngier@xxxxxxx> wrote:
> The TWD watchdog uses a per-cpu interrupt (usually interrupt #30), and
> the GIC configuration should flag it as such. With this setup,
> request_irq() should fail, and the right API is request_percpu_irq(),
> together with enable_percpu_irq()/disable_percpu_irq().

request_irq() doesn't fail for me even if i pass it.

> So how it works in your environment is a bit puzzling. Unless you're not
> using GIC?

We use GIC and are running SMP. But we don't use wdt interrupt :)
We only test it for system reset/reboot.

I don't have a patch for this. Can you please add that?

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