RE: [RFC PATCH v2] watchdog: ep93xx: Use the WatchDog Timer Driver Core.

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On Thursday, August 04, 2011 1:05 PM, Wim Van Sebroeck wrote:
>>> BTW, now that the driver uses watchdog core should we also select
>>> WATCHDOG_CORE in the Kconfig? If it is not enabled we get:
>>> drivers/built-in.o: In function `ep93xx_wdt_init':
>>> clkdev.c:(.init.text+0x2bd8): undefined reference to
>>> `watchdog_register_device'
>>> make: *** [.tmp_vmlinux1] Error 1
>> Of course.
>> I wasn't sure how Wim wanted to handle this.  I see two ways of doing it
>> in the Kconfig.
>> 1) Each driver config option has a select WATCHDOG_CORE if it is required.
>>    Pro: all the watchdog drivers (that are available) are displayed
>>    Con: each driver needs to add the select if needed
>>    Side-effect: the WATCHDOG_CORE option could (should) be a hidden option
>> 2) Separate the watchdog drivers into groups that need the WATCHDOG_CORE
>>    and those that don't then put a if WATCHDOG_CORE/endif around the ones
>>    that need it.
>>    Pro: keeps the Kconfig clean
>>    Con: the drivers that use WATCHDOG_CORE are not displayed unless the
>>         option is selected
>>    Con: defconfigs probably will need to be updated to select WATCHDOG_CORE
>> Wim, do you have any opinion on this?
> I allready discussed this with Wolfram a few weeks ago. Since we don't want
> defconfigs to change, the best option is to:
> 1) use 'select WATCHDOG_CORE' during conversion of the drivers.
> 2) remove CONFIG_WATCHDOG_CORE and replace it by CONFIG_WATCHDOG in a later
>    stage so that the core API becomes the user-space layer for all watchdog
>    device drivers.This so that we can support multiple watchdogs in the
>    future and to make sure that we keep having a consistent user-space
>    interface.

OK.  I'll repost the ep93xx conversion and include the Kconfig change.

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