Re: [RFC 7/11] virtio_pci: new, capability-aware driver.

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On 01/10/2012 06:25 PM, Rusty Russell wrote:
On Tue, 10 Jan 2012 19:03:36 +0200, "Michael S. Tsirkin"<mst@xxxxxxxxxx>  wrote:
On Wed, Dec 21, 2011 at 11:03:25AM +1030, Rusty Russell wrote:
Yes.  The idea that we can alter fields in the device-specific config
area is flawed.  There may be cases where it doesn't matter, but as an
idea it was holed to begin with.

We can reduce probability by doing a double read to check, but there are
still cases where it will fail.

Okay - want me to propose an interface for that?

Had a brief chat with BenH (CC'd).

I think we should deprecate writing to the config space.  Only balloon
does it AFAICT, and I can't quite figure out *why* it has an 'active'
field.  This solves half the problem, of sync guest writes.  For the
other half, I suggest a generation counter; odd means inconsistent.  The
guest can poll.

BenH also convinced me we should finally make the config space LE if
we're going to change things.  Since PCI is the most common transport,
guest-endian confuses people.  And it sucks for really weird machines

I think the more important thing to do is require accesses to integers in the config space to always be aligned and to use the appropriate accessor. Non-integer fields should be restricted to byte access.

That limits config space entries to 32-bit but also means that there is no need for a generation counter. It's also easier to deal with endian conversion that way.

But it means the backend code ends up being much simpler to write (because it behaves more like a normal PCI device).

If we're already making the change, the endianness ought to be a feature bit.

We should also change the ring (to a single ring, I think).


to 24 bytes long (8 byte cookie, 8 byte addr, 4 byte len, 4 byte flags).
We might be able to squeeze it into 20 bytes but that means packing.  We
should support inline, chained or indirect.  Let the other side ack by
setting flag, cookie and len (if written).

Moreover, I think we should make all these changes at once (at least, in
the spec).  That makes it a big change, and it'll take longer to
develop, but makes it easy in the long run to differentiate legacy and
modern virtio.

Ack.  Long live virtio2! :-)


Anthony Liguori


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