USB-OTG enabled phone mount desktop partitions via USB port

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I have noticed this mailing list has been intensively used to discuss
patch development discussion. So please let me know if I should move
my question to more appropriate places.

In order to experiment something I need to pretend that my phone has a
super fast SD card (faster than what is available in the market). So I
want to simulate it through desktop ramdisk (which is basically disk
in memory). And here is basically my plan:

1. Get an USB-OTG enabled phone (say Samsung galaxy nexus)

2. Connect this phone to a desktop via USB.

3. Naturally this phone will have some kind of USB driver running.

4. In the desktop I run the File-backed Storage Gadget (FSG), which
make an USB host to be an USB slave, and presents a block device
interface to the host which is backed by a ramdisk.

5. In the phone, mount the FSG mass storage just as an ordinary disk.

Does this plan seem feasible? (Leaving the USB transmission speed
aside, just concerning making this thing working. I realize USB 2.0
could be a speed bottleneck here. But I want to give it a try anyway).
Do you guys see any flows in it? And if this is indeed something
possible, do I need to connect the phone and the desktop through an
USB OTG cable (like this:
and an USB host to host cable (like this:
Or is an ordinary USB to microUSB cable which we usually use to
connect desktop and cellphone suffice?

Thanks a lot!


Suli Yang

Department of Physics
University of Wisconsin Madison

4257 Chamberlin Hall
Madison WI 53703
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