Prolem of setting DeviceRemovable according ACPI information

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Hi all:
		I am trying to implement patch of setting DeviceRemovable according ACPI information.
The DeviceRemovable is set in hcd driver *_hub_descriptor(e.g ehci_hub_descriptor()). But these
functions just have struct usb_hcd or hcd specific struct(e.g struct xhci_hcd) and struct usb_hub_descriptor
point as parameter. There is no way to get the root hub's struct usb_device which can be used to find
ports'device and then get ports' acpi handle and information. A bridge between usb_hcd and root hub's 
usb_device is needed. I have a proposal of add root hub's struct usb_device point into the struct usb_hcd.
Does this make sense or is there other solutions? Thanks.

Best Regards 
Tianyu Lan 

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