Re: [PATCH 2/3] usb: Take attribute avoid_reset_quirk out of usb device's attribute group

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A summary about what we should do now after such long discussion. If I lost something or miss something, please correct me.

1) Add "auto" option to each port's power policy sysfs attribute. When
set to "auto", those ports which have never been attached with devices
will be power off immediately.

2)Expose the ACPI PortIsConnectable, UserVisible (If it was on the ACPI platfrom) and usb DeviceRemovable flag via sysfs attributes.

3)Root-hub set port's DeviceRemovable flag where PortIsConnectable and UserVisible are clear.

4)Add QUIRK_POWEROFF_MORPHS flags for those devices which retain
important settings across a reset but lose them when power is removed.

Best Regards
Tianyu Lan
linux kernel enabling team
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