Re: Kernel OOPS in usb_submit_urb in drivers/usb/core/urb.c

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On Fri, 27 Jul 2012, Damjan wrote:

> >> Maybe I read the kernel OOPS wrong. Was &ep->desc NULL or not?
> >
> > It's hard to tell from the information in the oops.  You'd have to get
> > an assembly listing of usb_submit_urb() and figure out what source code
> > statement corresponds to offset 0x75 in the object code.
> >
> > Why did you originally think the problem was in the usb_endpoint_type
> > function call?
> I used gdb, I compile my own kernels so that was not hard. I just had 
> to recompile that file with debug symbols (-g).
> It said the problems is in the usb_endpoint_type(const struct 
> usb_endpoint_descriptor *epd)
> inline function that only does epd->bmAttributes
> Also when I added the check for a NULL &ep->desc just before the call 
> to usb_endpoint_type I no longer got an OOPS, so that confirmed to me 
> that &ep->desc is NULL
> Maybe I can log the ep pointer, and something else in that case?

Good idea.  You could add something like:

	WARN_ON(&ep->desc == NULL);

That would log all the information you should need.  Also, it will help

Alan Stern

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