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On 06/21/2012 12:55 PM, Andrzej Pietrasiewicz wrote:
$ echo 1>   /cfg/usb-function-gadget/G1/connect
$ file.img>  /cfg/usb-function-gadget/G1/C1/F1/f_mass_storage/lun0/file

connect should be available at UDC level which triggers the
pull-up/down of the UDC. The gadget itself should be configured once
and made available / bound to the UDC. And you may have more
than once UDC at a time within a single a system.

Each function, after creating its corresponding directory
(/cfg/usb-function-gadget/G1/C1/F1), must be "personalized" by storing
its name in the "name" attribute. After that it is possible to create
a child item of the same name ("f_mass_storage" here). The common code
handles everything from top of the hierarchy up to the function directory.
Under the function directory a function-specific stuff provided by each
function is used. The function-specific code is abstracted by the above
mentioned struct ufg_fn. In the example, the mass storage function is
supplied with one LUN.

The hierarchy looks good. C1 vs config1 is just taste.

The "connect" attribute's store method calls the ufg_gadget_bind function,
which registers the composite gadget, then walks the configfs hierarchy
rooted at the above mentioned subsystem and does USB configurations and
functions registration.

This is a work in progress. There might be issues.

I would like to ask some questions. All answers in general, and answers
from linux-usb and Felipe and Greg KH in particular, are welcome.

1. Generally, is this the right way to go?
In the big picture I think, yes. I think you should start a little
different. We need to be able to load multiple gadgets at a time.
Therefore I would suggest to first rip the global variables out of
composite. It is probably also possible to do it after configfs is in
but I think doing it first would be less work.

2. Using configfs like this calls for an interface between the generic
    configfs-related code and function-specific code. I suggested the
    struct ufg_fn. What do you think?
3. Should some parameters still be available through sysfs?
We have for udc level some things like connect, power level and Felipe
planned a poll interface for connect/disconnect notifications. This is
one side. On the gadget it should configure a custom gadget as detailed
as possible / required. What kind of options would you like to export via sysfs? Currently I can't think of any.

4. Do we need module parameters for USB descriptors like iManufacturer
    and similar?
No. No modules parameters at all. With one exception: Currently we set
those things via modprobe. As a for compatibility interface I guess we
have to keep this. In the end I would like have f_mass_storage gone as it. We would have a new gadget_storage which provides only the function and relies on configfs module and nothing else. The replacement
g_mass_storage would simply be a small module which takes the
iManufacturer parameters and others and configures the gadget the way
the old gadget did i.e. without echo this and echo that.

5. I assumed that the configfs entities are contained in the structures
    used for configuring the USB functions, e.g. a struct config_group in
    struct fsg_common, or a struct config_item in a struct fsg_lun. This
    has implications that the lifetime of the structures is controlled by
    userspace through configfs, which, in turn, has influence on how
    the USB functions are implemented. Even though it seems natural,
    there are some issues. For example an extension to configfs was required
    in order to disable deleting the luns while the gadget is connected.
    Is this the right approach? If not, then are there any alternatives?

Joel might be a help here. I had the same problem with my uas gadget
and I ignored it for now. I think it should be possible to forbid
unlink / rename / create at certain states of gadget. For instance it
should not be possible to change a single thing while the gadget is

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