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> Are you sure your device works for the option driver?

I don't know yet. but when i plug-in the currently supported device, it is
loading the option driver. my device is from the same vendor and just had
different product id. because the currently supported one is a gsm modem and
it's belongs to my nephew. while mine is cdma modem and i won't use inet
service from gsm carrier as they all sucks here

> What is the vendor and device id of your devices?

it is the 12d1 huawei for the vendor and the product id is 140c

> There is a free book online, called "Linux Kernel in a Nutshell" that you
can read 
> that should answer all of these questions for you.  If not, take a look at
> site, between the two of them, it should get you up and
> properly.

i will check them out.

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