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On Thu, Jun 07, 2012 at 09:29:55AM +0700, Ahmad Jauhari wrote:
> I have some question and also a problem. The problem is, I had 2 different
> usb modem. One is using CDMA band and the other is GSM. If I connect only
> one of them, the system will detect and create the corresponding ttyUSB
> folders. But when i connect the second one after the first one is detected
> and assigned the ttyUSB folder, the second modem can't have the driver
> assigned. But if the second modem is having same vendor id then it detected
> normally.

That doesn't make sense, what driver is binding to this device?  We can
support multiple devices quite easily, and have since the 2.2 kernel

> So my question is, is it about the driver itself or is it because of the
> kernel. I'm using zeroshell linux with 2.6.25 kernel version. I'm totally
> new to linux system and i don't know where else to ask about.

Wow, 2.6.25 is many many years old, and obsolete, care to try a newer
kernel, like 3.4?  We can't do much about 2.6.25, but we can help you
out with the latest release.


greg k-h
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