Re: [RFC/PATCH] usb: misc: introduce OTG & EH Test Driver

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On Mon, 4 Jun 2012, Felipe Balbi wrote:

> This patch introduces support for test modes as
> defined by the USB OTG & Embedded host Specification.
> Note that we _must_ be able to suspend & resume ports
> as we wish, so this driver depends on USB_SUSPEND and
> makes use (well, somewhat abuses) usb autopm features
> to achieve what we want.

Have you tested the autopm stuff?  I don't think it will work the way 
you've got it.


> +static void otg_eh_disconnect(struct usb_interface *intf)
> +{
> +	struct usb_device		*udev;
> +
> +	udev = interface_to_usbdev(intf);
> +
> +	usb_lock_device_for_reset(udev, intf);

You don't need the locking around usb_reset_device().  Disconnect 
methods are called with the device lock already held.

> +	usb_reset_device(udev);
> +	usb_unlock_device(udev);
> +}

Alan Stern

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