Re: Huawei E372 12d1:1506 reports itself as E398

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Bjørn Mork <bjorn@xxxxxxx> writes:
> Bjørn Mork <bjorn@xxxxxxx> writes:
>> Ideally the modem firmware should have handled this gracefully, but I
>> don't expect that to really happen... 
> FWIW, Sierra Wireless have obviously implemented mutual exclusion
> between PPP and ethernet emulation in their firmware. 
> Attempting PPP while connected via QMI/wwan:
>  nemi:/home/bjorn# pppd noauth debug nodetach connect "chat -V '' ATDT*99# ABORT 'NO CARRIER' CONNECT" /dev/ttyUSB2
>  ATDT*99#
>  NO CARRIERScript chat -V '' ATDT*99# ABORT 'NO CARRIER' CONNECT finished (pid 26609), status = 0x4
>  Connect script failed

Yuck, you would think that I had learned not jumping to conclusions by
now, but no....

The above failed because the mobile network refused multiple connections
to the same APN.  There are no problems establishing concurrent PPP and
QMI based connections using two different APNs.  No mutual exclusion
necessary.  Both connections work.

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