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I wrote the following lines to gigabyte:

Good Day,

I am trying to create a support of your notebook T1132N for linux operating systems.

Thus far most of the components are working reliably. Just the touch screen is causing me trouble. In order for me to go on with my work I would need some technical information on how the touch screen is activated (a driver for linux already exists) before it is recognized by the usb host controller. I know that you don't give support for linux but if you support me with that information I will be able to create the support for you. This would give you an entire new set of customers.


On 05/17/2012 07:31 AM, Anil Nair wrote:
Hello Gerhard,

On Thu, May 17, 2012 at 2:03 AM, Gerhard Thomas
<gerhardthomas123@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>  wrote:
I am just as surprised for the very same reason. It almost seems like this
was done on purpose.

I've got one last idea. I am going to use XP or UBCD to check if other than
the installed windows versions detect anything.
Try using live distributions of Linux, also don't use the recent
version of ubuntu they seem buggy about the cando touch screen driver,
also try using 32-bit versions of distributions.

I observed the dmesg and lsusb log of the cando touchscreen of an Acer
1825PTZ, it seems that the Cando touchscreen is detected by and
attached to the UHCI controller. I also observed the screen shots by
Gerhard, the cando touchscreen is a full speed device and in windows
it is able to detect it, the Intel C200 chipset supports full
speed,high speed and low speed device; the EHCI driver in Linux wasn't
successfully able to enumerate it.
The dmesg and lsusb list is provided in the link below,


  Alan sir, isn't it a possibility that the Cando touchscreen was not
detected by the Linux kernel as a full speed device??? UHCI controller
isn't present in the laptop used by gerhard so i am guessing that
maybe the possibility.

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