Re: [RFC PATCH 00/11 V7] MXS: Add i.MX28 USB Host driver

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Dear Chen Peter-B29397,

> > Still use IRQF_SHARED for the usb interrupt, but:
> > * The IRQ handler in ehci-mxs, that's set in hc_driver.irq would be
> > always
> > returning IRQ_NONE.
> > * The IRQ handler in imx-otg would call the callback registered via
> > imx_otg_set_irq_handler() only if the port was actually in host mode
> The interrupt which is registered by hcd core is usb_hcd_irq, it will call
> ehci_irq. The hc_driver.irq is included in usb_hcd_irq.

Hm, that's correct. I'll dive in and see if there's any other way around. I 
think I saw IRQF_DISABLED somewhere there, but that might be just some phantom. 
Either way, is this direction I'm taking the correct one (have irq handler in 
imx-otg and send IRQs to gadget/host drivers from there)?

Also, any other comments about this patchset before I roll out another version?


Best regards,
Marek Vasut
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