Re: [PATCH v5 00/18] usb:hsotg:samsung USB S3C-HSOTG driver fixes and code cleanup

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Hi Felipe,

> Presented patch series fix several problems with S3C-HSOTG driver,
> thus now the Multi Function Gadget (MFG) is working correctly.
> Those commits consist of EP0 transfer management fixes (ZLP sending
> code and NAK management).
> Moreover the disconnect irq handler has been removed, since it is
> available only at HOST mode.
> Code for recovering from device disconnection and connection during
> ongoing transfer has been added as well.
> The s3c-hsotg driver has been adjusted to use newer usb_gadget_ops
> callbacks (namely udc_start and udc_stop) instead of deprecated ones.
> Moreover number of EPs is now read from a HW configuration register
> instead of statically defined value.
> The our_hsotg global variable has been removed and release function
> has been added as well to prevent warning messages.
> ---
> Changes for v2:
> - Support for regulator_bulk_*
> - Number of EPs determined during runtime
> - Usage of udc_start and udc_stop methods instead of deprecated ones
> - Code preparation to move to dwc2 driver from s3c-hsotg
> Changes for v3:
> - Comments refactored to comply with kernel coding style
> - Doxygen functions descriptions added
> - Removal of our_hsotg global pointer variable
> Changes for v4:
> - Remove platform dependent code
> - Check if dynamically read number of EPs is not equal to zero
> - Release function added to prevent warnings
> Changes for v5:
> - Remove S3C_ prefix for register's definition
> - Replace the clk_enable() with clk_prepare_enable() and
> clk_disable() with clk_disable_unprepare()
> - error fallback code for failed request_irq	
> Lukasz Majewski (18):
>   usb:hsotg:samsung: Remove platform dependency from s3c-hsotg
>   usb:hsotg:samsung: Remove platform dependent functions from
> s3c-hsotg usb:hsotg:samsung: Wrappers for USB PHY methods
>   usb:hsotg:samsung: Use of regulator_bulk_* functions for USB
>     regulators
>   usb:hsotg:samsung: NAK management for EP0 (Setup stage of control
>     transfers)
>   usb:hsotg:samsung: Sending ZLP packet for IN EP0 transfers
>   usb:hsotg:samsung: Extract core initialization function
>   usb:hsotg:samsung: Remove Disconnect Interrupt handler
>   usb:hsotg:samsung: Rename s3c_hsotg_disconnect function
>   usb:hsotg:samsung: Cable disconnection recovery code
>   usb:hsotg:samsung: Determine number of EPs from HW configuration
>     register
>   usb:hsotg:samsung: Use new udc_start and udc_stop callbacks
>   usb:hsotg:samsung: Comments reorganization and cleanup
>   usb:hsotg:samsung: Remove our_hsotg global pointer
>   usb:hsotg:samsung: Add release function for hsotg device
>   usb:hsotg:samsung: Remove the S3C_ prefix from registers definition.
>   usb:hsotg:samsung: Use clk_prepare_enable and clk_disable_unprepare
>   usb:hsotg:samsung: err_irq: support for probe function

Do you have any comments to those patches? Are those suitable for

Best regards,

Lukasz Majewski

Samsung Poland R&D Center
Platform Group
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