RE: mv_udc_core has no users ?

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> From: Felipe Balbi [mailto:balbi@xxxxxx]
> Sent: 2012年4月19日 20:38
> To: Neil Zhang
> Cc: Linux USB Mailing List; Greg KH
> Subject: mv_udc_core has no users ?
> Hi Neil,
> mv_udc_core doesn't seem to have in-tree users, what gives ?
> $ git grep -e "\"mv_udc\""
> drivers/usb/gadget/mv_udc_core.c:static const char driver_name[] =
> "mv_udc";
> Why don't we have the platform_device counter-part for this driver in
> mainline ? How have you been testing it ? How can anyone else test it ?

Thanks for your kindly remind.
Yes, there is no platform_device in mainline now.
It because the implementation in our platform device needs PMIC's support.
But the PMIC driver is not fully ready in mainline too.
Anyway, we will discuss it to add these support in the coming weeks.

> --
> balbi

Best Regards,
Neil Zhang
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