Re: usb-storage & btusb regression = usb storage crash

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Dnia 13-04-2012 o godz. 16:19 Greg KH napisał(a):
> On Fri, Apr 13, 2012 at 12:09:22PM +0200, Tomasz Miś wrote:
> > So I am including the results - here on kernel 3.3.1, without any patches
> You still have the closed source ATI driver loaded :(
> Anyway, ask on the bluetooth list, this looks like a bluetooth bug as
> that is the driver that is crashing.
> greg k-h

So yes, Andrei Omeltchenko made ​​two patches that fix the problem described by me ! After their application (and build a new kernel), you have not arise this situation - btusb disconnects an active connection - even if the bluetooth dongle will be physical removed from the USB port - while the connection is active, such as between two computers.

 I hope that these patches will go soon into the main kernel - 3.3.x. Perhaps the problem also exists in the 3.4.x line, but this is I'll look at another approach ;).


Tomasz Miś		

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