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Hi all,

Here's the list of fixes I have queued for v3.4-rc3, since I
just came back from some much needed time off, I haven't gone
through all the pending list I have on linux-usb mbox.

If there's any urgent BUG FIX or REGRESSION FIX, let me know
so I can apply it.

Planning to send pull request to Greg by tomorrow and fallback
to queueing patches to next merge window after that.

Ajay Kumar Gupta (1):
  usb: musb: fix bug in musb_cleanup_urb

Andrzej Pietrasiewicz (3):
  usb: gadget: FunctionFS: clear FFS_FL_BOUND flag on unbind (bugfix)
  usb: gadget: FunctionFS: make module init & exit __init & __exit
  usb: gadget: eliminate NULL pointer dereference (bugfix)

Anton Tikhomirov (5):
  usb: s3c-hsotg: Fix TX FIFOs allocation
  usb: s3c-hsotg: Fix maximum patcket size setting for EP0
  usb: s3c-hsotg: Avoid TxFIFO corruption in DMA mode
  usb: s3c-hsotg: Fix big buffers transfer in DMA mode
  usb: dwc3: Free event buffers array

Bhupesh Sharma (1):
  usb: gadget: uvc: Remove non-required locking from
    'uvc_queue_next_buffer' routine

Felipe Balbi (2):
  usb: gadget: udc-core: stop UDC on device-initiated disconnect
  usb: dwc3: ep0: increment "actual" on bounced ep0 case

Gerard Cauvy (1):
  usb: dwc3: ep0: add a default case for SetFeature command

Grazvydas Ignotas (2):
  usb: musb: fix some runtime_pm issues
  usb: musb: wake the device before ulpi transfers

Kishon Vijay Abraham I (2):
  usb: musb: omap: fix crash when musb glue (omap) gets initialized
  usb: gadget: udc-core: fix asymmetric calls in remove_driver

Lukasz Majewski (1):
  usb: gadget: rndis: fix Missing req->context assignment

Moiz Sonasath (1):
  usb: dwc3: ep0: Handle requests greater than wMaxPacketSize

Peter Chen (1):
  usb: fsl_udc_core: prime status stage once data stage has primed

Shubhrajyoti D (1):
  usb: musb: omap: fix the error check for pm_runtime_get_sync

Vladimir Zapolskiy (1):
  usb: musb: fix oops on omap2430 module unload

 drivers/usb/dwc3/core.c           |    6 +++---
 drivers/usb/dwc3/ep0.c            |   12 +++++++++--
 drivers/usb/gadget/f_fs.c         |    3 ++-
 drivers/usb/gadget/f_rndis.c      |    1 +
 drivers/usb/gadget/fsl_udc_core.c |   25 ++++++++++++++---------
 drivers/usb/gadget/g_ffs.c        |    4 ++--
 drivers/usb/gadget/s3c-hsotg.c    |   17 +++++++++-------
 drivers/usb/gadget/udc-core.c     |    6 +++++-
 drivers/usb/gadget/uvc_queue.c    |    4 +---
 drivers/usb/musb/musb_core.c      |   40 ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++-------
 drivers/usb/musb/musb_host.c      |    2 +-
 drivers/usb/musb/omap2430.c       |   31 ++++++++++++++++------------
 include/linux/usb/otg.h           |    1 +
 13 files changed, 103 insertions(+), 49 deletions(-)


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