Re: Ability to limit to 100mA and/or disable USB power entirely

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On Mon, Apr 9, 2012 at 10:14 AM, James Haigh <james.r.haigh@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Hello.
> I've been told this is the right place to ask, correct me if I'm wrong.
> I don't think the ability to limit a port to 100mA current draw is
> exposed by the drivers. The use-case for this is to avoid a battery
> powered device such as a phone from draining the battery of a laptop
> while travelling. Data transfer is all that's needed here. It is also
> wasteful to charge one battery from another.
> In the interests of saving energy, and prolonging battery-life, please
> could a mechanism to restrict to 100mA be implemented. I could then
> set up an automatic ACPI response to AC power to allow 500mA and
> charge the phone, but battery-to-battery transfer is inefficient and
> should be avoided.

I am not so sure if this is feasible as there are many non-compliant
USB hub and non-compliant USB device out there and Linux needs
to support them.

> Apparently USB ports can be disabled, and when this occurs no power is
> supplied. However, I think the ability to disable a port is also not
> exposed by the USB drivers.

You can suspend a port.

> There are many use-cases for this. In the interest of saving
> electricity, it is desirable to unplug unused devices. USB ports can
> be plugged only about 1500 times before they ware out, and sometimes
> the ports are fairly inaccessible behind the base unit of a computer.
> Some badly designed devices will often need resetting by physically
> replugging. If a USB device is plugged into a host device that is
> remotely monitored, it is not possible to physically reconnect the
> device. A less serious and more fun use-case is the automation of USB
> 'decorations', which simply use the 5V power supply.

Or this crazy USB Hub based AVR programmer.

> It seems an oversight that USB devices cannot be programmatically
> disconnected and reconnected in GNU/Linux OSes. I would appreciate it
> if they could, if possible, and I know for sure that others would too.

Maybe you should read this and then see if the current implementations
meet your needs.

> It has been suggested that I should send a patch in, but I am no
> kernel or driver developer, and I'm better off contributing to Free
> software projects that are achievable at my skill-level. If you want
> me to file these 2 issues/feature-requests somewhere, tell me where
> and I will.

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