Re: 3.4-rc: frequent port X disable by hub (EMI?) messages

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On Sat, 7 Apr 2012, Manuel Lauss wrote:

> Starting some time before 3.4-rc1, I get the messages below.  Happens
> regardless of
> the port the device is plugged into or if it's behind a hub or not.
> 3.3.X and earlier are
> not affected.

Are you saying that the problems started during the merge window?

> Device is a Logitech wireless mouse/kbd dongle in standard mode (not bluetooth),
> usb are amd sb800 and nec xhci controllers.
> Any ideas where to look?

Most likely the wireless receiver is malfunctioning.  The "port 
disabled by hub (EMI?)" message will not appear unless the upstream 
port hardware disables its connection to the device; this is not under 
the control of the OS.

However, if you think a software change is at fault then bisection is 
probably the best approach.

Alan Stern

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