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On Tue, 3 Apr 2012, angelo fontana wrote:

> Hi,
> I have an embedded board with microprocessor MPC8270 and a ISP1562 BE as USB controller; kernel is based on linux- (ehci and ohci enabled).
> When I plug an USB 1.1 stick (or USB 2.0 through an USB 1.1 hub), I cannot mount the disk.
> I've enabled all the verbose debug of USB, usb_storage and SCSI in the kernel.
> The first part of 'dmesg' show the behavior of the stick insertion
> Few seconds after the command 'MODE_SENSE', USB stick is reset and the USB protocol restart.
> After 2 minutes, 'dmesg' show a call trace and then USB protocol restart.
> I've put two snapshots of 'dmesg' at the end of this message.
> In most cases (90%), USB 2.0 sticks work properly but when a stick is downgraded (noisy USB cable?), I see the same behavior of USB 1.1
> I don't understand if it's a software bug (kernel, drivers, ???) or an hardware issue.
> Can someone help me?
> Thanks and Best Regards
> Angelo Fontana

> usb-storage: queuecommand called
> usb-storage: *** thread awakened.
> usb-storage: Command MODE_SENSE (6 bytes)
> usb-storage:  1a 00 3f 00 c0 00
> usb-storage: Bulk Command S 0x43425355 T 0x4 L 192 F 128 Trg 0 LUN 0 CL 6
> usb-storage: usb_stor_bulk_transfer_buf: xfer 31 bytes
> usb-storage: Status code 0; transferred 31/31
> usb-storage: -- transfer complete
> usb-storage: Bulk command transfer result=0
> usb-storage: usb_stor_bulk_transfer_sglist: xfer 192 bytes, 1 entries
> ohci_hcd 0000:00:0c.1: urb dfed0940 path 1 ep1in 91120000 cc 9 --> status -121
> usb-storage: Status code -121; transferred 4/192
> usb-storage: -- short read transfer
> usb-storage: Bulk data transfer result 0x1
> usb-storage: Attempting to get CSW...
> usb-storage: usb_stor_bulk_transfer_buf: xfer 13 bytes
> usb-storage: command_abort called
> usb-storage: usb_stor_stop_transport called
> usb-storage: -- cancelling URB
> usb-storage: Status code -104; transferred 0/13
> usb-storage: -- transfer cancelled
> usb-storage: Bulk status result = 4
> usb-storage: -- command was aborted

This is probably a bug in the flash drive.  Have you tried plugging it 
into a regular PC running an up-to-date version of Linux?

Alan Stern

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