Re: use-after-free in usbnet

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Am Mittwoch, 21. März 2012, 17:22:59 schrieb Ming Lei:

> -
> +               usb_get_urb(urb);
>                 spin_unlock_irqrestore(&q->lock, flags);
>                 // during some PM-driven resume scenarios,
>                 // these (async) unlinks complete immediately
> @@ -597,6 +597,7 @@ static int unlink_urbs (struct usbnet *dev, struct
> sk_buff_head *q)
>                         netdev_dbg(dev->net, "unlink urb err, %d\n", retval);
>                 else
>                         count++;
> +               usb_put_urb(urb);


this looks good, but could you add a comment explaining the reason for
taking a reference?

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