Re: Is ISP1362 supported?

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Hans-Jürgen Koch wrote:
> I've been asked if an NXP ISP1362 controller is supported. During my
> research I became a bit confused. There are lots of mails in the
> archives talking about 1362 support, many of them 3 years old. But in
> current mainline I only see isp116x-hcd.c. Does it also support
> isp1362? Or is it supported by another driver? Or not at all?
> Thanks,
> Hans

the isp1362 is used in one of the Blackfin evaluation board and you can 
find there the device driver. It works for me, but not with all the USB 
devices. For example it works only with some USB keys. In any case that 
chip is quite old, try to find something new (and better supported).

Matteo VIT

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