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On Mon, Jan 21, 2008 at 04:47:53PM +0200, Ari Kohtamäki wrote:
> I have a CableStar 2 PCI DVB-C card with remote module.
> When I attach the remote module (IR-receiver) to my
> serial port it works OK with VDR using lirc.
> I bought an usb2serial converter (FT232BM based) and
> can't get my remote working with lirc at all.  :(

Simple IR receivers for LIRC attached to a serial port won't work with
an USB-serial adapter.  These receivers just pass IR pulses to a
serial control pin (e.g., DCD) and rely on the lirc_serial driver to
receive all signal transitions with precise timing (in microseconds);
this won't work over USB.  So you need to find an USB IR receiver
which is supported by LIRC.

Another option is to get a PCI (or PCI-Express) serial port card - it
might work with lirc_serial, if it is compatible with 16550 and uses
IO port mapping (some of these devices are using memory-mapped
registers - they won't work without code changes in lirc_serial).
However, such configuration is not supported by lirc_serial directly
(in particular, lirc_serial wants to get IO port address in its module
parameters, and addresses for PCI devices are dynamic and may change
between boots).

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