Re: PATCH: usb-storage-psc1350-v4.patch (was Linux scsi / usb-mass-storage and HP printer cardreader bug + fix)

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On Mon, 2008-01-14 at 20:27 +0100, Hans de Goede wrote:
> James Bottomley wrote:
> >>> Plus what is the rq->nr_sectors > sdp->sector_size /
> >>> 512 test supposed to be doing?  that being true is supposed to be a
> >>> guarantee of the block layer (and if something goes wrong there's a
> >>> check for this lower down).
> >>>
> >> It first is was just:
> >> rq->nr_sectors > 1
> >>
> >> Then I changed it to also do the right thing for 1024 and larger sector disks. 
> >> The whole purpose is to not read the last sector in a larger then one sector 
> >> read, so the amount of sectors gets reduced by one if (block + rq->nr_sectors 
> >> == get_capacity(disk)) but we do want still want to be able to read the last 
> >> sector by itself, so we must not reduce the no sectors to be read by one if it 
> >> is already one.
> > 
> > Yes, I know that.  What I mean is the block subsystem sends reads and
> > writes down in increments of the sector size.  Checking if the current
> > number of pending sectors is greater than the current block size is
> > checking that guarantee.  The current code already has a check in it to
> > see if this guarantee is observed ... you don't need to check it again.
> > 
> I'm not checking for the guarantee, I'm checking that the read > 1 
> realsize_sector, before decrementing the number of _512_bytes_sectors by 
> realsize_sector, this check must be there, as after reading all but the last 
> sector, another request will be send with 1 realsize_sector size, for which
> (block + rq->nr_sectors) == get_capacity(disk) will still hold true, in this 
> case this_count must not be lowered, otherwise this_count will become 0 in this 
> case and the last sector will never get read.
> I hope that clarifies why that code is there, if not can you tell how you would 
> want the code to look by just giving the full if statement as it should be, I 
> think we are somehow misunderstanding each other.

Oh, right; it's > rather than >= ... sorry, yes that's fine.


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