Re: Passing argument to USB Storage driver

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On Tue, 8 Jan 2008, Kevin Lloyd wrote:

> So my only option is to create a new module_param in the usb-storage
> usb.c driver? Even if I #ifdef it it seems like little messy of a
> solution, are there any other suggestions?

The module parameter doesn't have to live in usb.c.  It can belong to 
any source file in usb-storage.

> WRT to the other solution you suggested against (file-system based), I
> know this is likely a dumb question, but is there not a way for
> drivers to read user space controlled settings (something analogous to
> the Windows registry)?

You can create attribute files in sysfs.  For example, see the 
definition of the max_sectors attribute in scsiglue.c.

Alan Stern

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