Re: [PATCH] : Allow embedded developers USB options normally reserved for OTG

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On Jan 3, 2008 3:36 PM, David Brownell <david-b@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> On Wednesday 02 January 2008, Bryan Wu wrote:
> > B.T.W, 2 questions about the MUSB driver:
> > 1. What's the plan for mainline merge of the whole MUSB driver? maybe
> > I can cleanup current Blackfin ports to you guys.
> It might as well merge in 2.6.25-early.  It'll be easier to integrate
> patches that way.  Including your Blackfin port.  When I asked before,
> nobody hugely objected to "one big patch".
> > 2. Do you remember the PING issue I reported in OMAP list? How do you
> > think of that?
> Yes, something needs to be done.  EHCI might benefit from the same
> kind of patch, to cope with ill-behaved usb thumb drives.
> > > I have an idea: the USB_NAKLIMIT0 should be set to some value, when we
> > > got NAK timeout interrupt, we can disable PING. When enumerating normal
> > > USB stick, there is no NAK timeout, because PING is efficient for
> > > handshaking. While problem USB stick will generate NAK timeout
> > > interrupt, we disable PING for this kind of USB device enumeration.
> That sounds much better than your original patch, which disabled it
> always.  It might even be worth allocating a flag somewhere in the
> usb_device structure to record when ep0 pings seem to misbehave.

OK, I will work on it and send out a patch for that fix.

-Bryan Wu

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