Re: unable to register with usb core

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On Tue, 18 Dec 2007, ashish mahamuni wrote:

> I guess you are talking about CONFIG_USB_MON flag.
> I already tried setting this flag in my code as 
> #defined CONFIG_USB_MON
> But when I compile my module(filter) it give me error
> that it is redefined,becuase previous declaration is
> in autoconf.h
> That means this flag is already set.(correct me if I
> am wrong)

That's right.  You can't affect the flag setting in your program; its 
value is determined by the kernel configuration procedure.

> How should I use this flag?

One possibility is to keep the flag set and remove the existing usbmon
code from the drivers/usb/mon directory, putting your own code there

However a better solution would be to convert your filter into a
userspace program rather than a kernel module, and then utilize the
existing binary usbmon interface instead of writing your own.

Alan Stern

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