Re: ECHI/mass storage: irq status 0002 ERR/ hub_port_init failure

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On Mon, 17 Dec 2007, syed khader wrote:

> Hi,
>   We were assessing the performance of our USB
> controller on ARM11/ platform for mass storage
> devices. 
>   Currently we tested Seagate/Maxtor HDDs and
> everything was running. Of late we received new USB
> storage devices(Western digital, which are quite
> smaller in size). The problem with these is that, they
> are outright not working.
>   Digging back the archives tells me that the problem
> could be in dma pool/cache memory. Any pointers would
> help.

Have you tested the electrical characteristics of the USB cables and 
connectors?  Sometimes the capacitances aren't in spec.  That could 
cause the errors you see.

Alan Stern

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