Re: USB: sierra: Very small patch for Sierra Wireless AirCard 881 U (AT&T USBConnect 881)

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Hi Jessica,

>  	Yesterday, I obtained an AT&T-badged Sierra Wireless AirCard 881U 
> (a.k.a. USBConnect 881). The vendor ID is 0x1199 and the product ID is 0x6856. 
> A trivial two-line addition was needed to the sierra.c source provided with the 
> 2.6.23 kernel. The patch is below, and attached as well.
> ======================= snip =============================================
> 117a118
> > 	{ USB_DEVICE(0x1199, 0x6856) },	/* Sierra Wireless AirCard 881 U */
> 153a155
> > 	{ USB_DEVICE(0x1199, 0x6856) },	/* Sierra Wireless AirCard 881U */
> ======================= snip =============================================
>  	Please see that this change makes it into the driver so that others can 
> use this device without hacking kernel sources. ;)

the file Documentation/SubmittingPatches contains a guide on how to
submit kernel patches the proper way. This also applies to patch for the
USB subsystem.

In short, the minimum is using unified diffs (-u switch) and providing a
Signed-off-by line besides the description that you already have in this



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