Re: Keyspan USB serial adapter on Debian

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On Fri, Dec 14, 2007 at 01:12:38PM +0100, maximilian attems wrote:
> > > From what I gather there were licensing objections in Debian leaving it to
> > > the user to roll their own.
> > > I'm trying to figure out if Keyspan support can just be built as a loadable
> > > kernel module for Debian.
> > > or is it more involved than that?
> > 
> > Try asking the Debian developers, this is not an upstream,
> > issue, it is only due to Debian being very stubborn with regards to
> > their intrepretation of how firmware blobs work within the kernel and
> > the license of the kernel package.
> > 
> > Keyspan devices work very well with Linux on all other distros, so
> > perhaps you might just want to switch distros :)
> > 
> > good luck,
> > 
> > greg k-h
> gregkh the keyspan firmware restricts usage to boxes with keyspan,
> so yes it is peculiar.

What do you mean it "restricts usage"?  There is no problems with the
keyspan firmware being in the Linux kernel tree, except for the fact
that DEBIAN doesn't like it.

This is not a legal problem at all, but a made-up-one by some Debian
people only.

> i'm in conversation with keyspan to fix that fact.

Fix what?  Debian's odd rules?  That would be interesting to see :)

Please don't bother the Keyspan people, this has nothing to do with
them, and everything to do with Debian.

Actually, when this first came up over 7 years ago, I posted a simple
way to fix this "issue" on the debian-legal mailing list.  No one has
yet to send me a patch to do this, showing that no one really cares
about this issue, but that they just like arguing about it.


greg k-h

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