Keyspan USB serial adapter on Debian

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Hi All, not sure if this topic has been aired out before, but I'm new to the
I'm attempting to bring up a USB serial adapter on Debian so we can use a
serial port at 230.4KBaud 
or faster if possible.
well I'd though to just plug my keyspan adapter in and away we go.  not so
fast.  Fedora, yes, Debian no.
>From what I gather there were licensing objections in Debian leaving it to
the user to roll their own.
I'm trying to figure out if Keyspan support can just be built as a loadable
kernel module for Debian.
or is it more involved than that?
or another route we can go is find a different USB serial for Debian.  since
we are targeting 
230.4K that narrows the field.  preliminary tests on Belkin were that it
topped out at 115K.
open to suggestions, recommendations..


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