determine whether USB port is an internal Hub port

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I would need a way to determine which of my USB ports are actual native
ports and which are internal USB hub ports. How can I achieve that

The reason being is, that I want to investigate a theory to this bug:

Certain USB devices do not work properly, or do not work at all, while
the ehci_hcd module is loaded.

A solution is to unload the ehci_hcd module, which is loaded every time
the computer starts, using the command 'sudo modprobe -r ehci_hcd'. This
works fine but unfortunatly ehci-hcd is necessary for using USB 2.0, so
you lose USB 2.0 features.

Get more info at

This bug is bugging me for about a year now. However, this bug is not
showing up on all my USB ports. As this problem has be reported to show
up particularly on USB Hubs, I suspect it might only show up on those of
my USB ports that are actually internal USB Hub ports. I would like to
verify that theory but would need advice on how to do that.

Maybe somebody could also have a look at the bug report mentioned. This
bug has been reported beginning of this year in the Ubuntu bug tracker.
Up till now, it does not seem like anybody has laid hand on it yet.

I also have no idea if this bug report even made it upstream. Does
Ubuntu/Launchpad have a facility to escalate bugs to the kernel bug
tracker? I am somehow loosing faith in the whole Launchpad approach.
Maybe you could advise if I should rather report kernel specific bugs
directly to the kernel bug tracker instead of hoping the Ubuntu guys
will take care of channeling it upstream.


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