Re: [PATCH] USB: add usbfs stubs for suspend, resume, etc.

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On Mon, 3 Dec 2007, Oliver Neukum wrote:

> > unbound!  So I wanted to be conservative and keep the kernel's current
> > behavior: The suspend/resume/reset happens and the user-level driver is
> > blissfully igorant of it.
> In theory, blissfully ignoring suspend/resume must work. Anything
> that involves a reset cannot. User space must be prepared with
> a surprise unplug. Surprise state change asks too much.

Perhaps.  But there are devices for which being reset is unlikely to 
cause any problems.  Do we want userspace drivers for these devices to 
start failing unnecessarily?

There is _no_ notification sent to userspace when one of these resets 
occurs -- not even a uevent that could spark a hotplug script into 

So yes, allowing the driver to be unbound is the "correct" approach.  
But by now we've been doing it the wrong way for so long that I'm 
hesitant to change it.

Alan Stern

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