Re: [PATCH] base/class.c: prevent ooops due to insert/remove race (v3)

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Alan Stern wrote:
> On Thu, 29 Nov 2007, Mark Lord wrote:
>>> So again, the problem is in the higher up scsi layer, and that is where
>>> the problem should already be fixed.
>> ..
>> Ahhh.. so you figure the Oops should also have been fixed
>> as part of the 2.6.24 SCSI fixes ?  That's what I was missing here.
> Yes indeed.  I wish I could point you to the exact patch containing the 
> fix, but the git software seems to have lost track of it (it's combined
> in with a large number of other patches with no obvious way to separate 
> it out).  It's also available in the various mailing list archives, but 
> I don't have a pointer to it and there's no reasonable way to search 
> for it.
> The patch in question was written by Matthew Wilcox; it added code to 
> the SCSI async-scanning routines to utilize the scan_mutex.  IMO it 
> should have been applied to 2.6.23 but it wasn't.

Ahh.  Well, thanks for the *great* followup, Alan!


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