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Thomas Giesel wrote:
> How about adding a module parameter for g_ether which describes the power consumption? After adding this patch this even could go to the kernel main line, because it is not device specific but can be configured at runtime. Do you have a reason to support more than one configuration? (e.g. you could *always* ask for 500 mA when your device is connected to the host, which means that it mustn't be connected to a unpowered hub - which is acceptable for this kind of devices, imho)
We would always ask for 500 mA, I expect most applications that require 
recharging really wouldn't be interested in plugging in to a 100 mA port.

> btw: I'll try to do something very similar in the next days. Did you use these: ? Did you have to add more changes? I got the mass storage device up and running (PXA27x + Win2k host), but the CDC Ethernet didn't work with a MCCI driver at the first try.
Yes, I'm using an earlier patch that was posted to the arm-linux list 
(in June I think).  I'll update to the current patch soon.  We're 
talking to an XP host but can't get it to work with both an XP host and 
a Linux host, doesn't really matter for our end product but it'd be nice 
in development to just run Linux.

I'll be playing with the higher powered configuration at work tomorrow.  
I was going to add it as a config option but it could just as easily be 
a command line option.


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