PXA27x UDC Power

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We've got a PXA27x system using the pxa27xudc driver to talk to a 
desktop via CDC.  The device also recharges its battery using USB power 
and requires more than 100mA to do this.

The CDC driver reports that it is using/requires 100mA.  Looking through 
the code I haven't been able to find out how I tell the host I want more 
power.  I also can't find anywhere that tells me that the host can 
supply 500mA (ie. I'm not on an unpowered hub).

How do I tell the host I want more?  I could hack the configuration in 
ether.c but I figured this really wasn't a nice way to do it and that 
there was most likely a better way.

How do I tell if the host can supply more than 100mA?


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