Re: [Bugme-new] [Bug 9458] New: digital camera not recognised properly by the kernel when KDE is running

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On Mon, Nov 26, 2007 at 03:03:19PM +0000, Alan Cox wrote:
> > > > ttyS1: LSR safety check engaged!
> > > > ttyS1: LSR safety check engaged!
> > 
> > Why assign this to the USB developers?  The bug doesn't have anything
> > to do with USB -- and what is that ttyS1 message doing there?  Is this
> > some sort of security framework violation?
> Its just serial debug info. Presumably ttyS1 got detected at this point
> in time

  Negative. These messages appear every time this happens, i.e.
everytime I plug in the camera while KDE is running. Generally two or
three of them.

Vasilis Vasaitis
"A man is well or woe as he thinks himself so."

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