[PATCH 0/5] Review request: Cypress c67x00 OTG controller

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This patch series is based on the c67x00 work done by Peter Korsgaard and
posted back in April this year.

The Cypress c67x00 is an OTG controller so it can behave as either a host
or gadget controller.  This series implements the HCD behaviour.

The c67x00 is found on a number of the Xilinx MLxxx series of boards.
I've been performing my testing on a board derived from the ML403.

My goal is to get this driver queued up for inclusion in 2.6.25, but I've
been looking at this code for so long that I'm going crosseyed and missing
obvious issues.  Plus, I am by no means a USB expert and I'm not sure that
I'm using the USB HCD API correctly.

So, this email is a request for review.  I've got some time cleared away
to work on this over the next week so I should be able to address comments
quickly with the goal of getting it picked up for the next merge window.


Grant Likely, B.Sc. P.Eng.
Secret Lab Technologies Ltd.

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