Re: [PATCH 1/2] USB: Rework OHCI PPC OF for new bindings

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Compatible property on /builtin@F0000000/usb@F0001000 is


device_type is "usb", model is "mpc5200-ohci".

Although I worry about cluttering up the cleanup, it is probably just
adding an "if property(big-endian) OR compatible(mpc5200-ohci)"
to that small big-endian check there.

I am currently moving on the assumption that the "correct" device
tree for the Efika (notwithstanding the above) would be

usb@F0001000 {
	device-type = "usb-ohci"
	compatible = "mpc5200-ohci,mpc5200-usb-ohci"

Or some variation including all the relevant checked-for

I don't like the old "ohci-bigendian" and "ohci-be" properties.
Picking out "ohci-bigendian" and "ohci-be" was someone's drunken
idea, I'm sure, so I am happy to let them die a horrible death
and never rear up ever again.

Using mpc5200-ohci out is by far the safest idea, although it
leaves in a rather platform-specific fix, I prefer singling out that
platform and potentially causing nasty looks towards the
direction of Genesi/bplan, than having ohci-bigendian continue
to exist for the sake of it :D

There is another solution; change the properties in the Linux
device tree fixups, but I would loathe that solution as it adds
yet another part of the kernel to track.

Unfortunately the current device tree is a complete, stupid mess,
a result of a bunch of guys not looking at the problem, and I
have said this before (rant mode :) - I think device_type,
compatible should report the KIND of device it is, and the model
property should be used to pick out the particular quirks of
the chipset. We could have had a nice system where "usb" is paired
with compatible "ohci", and model is "mpc5200". No dashes or
spaces or 10 strings to compare..

Matt Sealey <matt@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Genesi, Manager, Developer Relations

Valentine Barshak wrote:
> Grant Likely wrote:
>> On 10/24/07, David Brownell <david-b@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>>> On Wednesday 24 October 2007, Matt Sealey wrote:
>>>> Can we just make sure real quickly that the changing of compatibles
>>>> doesn't break existing, not-easily-flashable firmwares?
>>> Yeah, I'm not keen on such breakage either...
>> Add my voice to the chorus.  It's okay to change the binding, but make
>> sure the old binding is still supported.
>> Cheers,
>> g.
> Actually, I thought that changing the DTS stuff for mpc52xx boards would 
> suffice. Sorry, I was unaware of Efika firmware here. I'll keep old 
> bindings as well.
> Does the device tree have "ohci-bigendian" or "ohci-be" compatible 
> property on Efika?
> Thanks,
> Valentine.

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