Re: [Em28xx] ehci_hcd map_single: unable to map unsafe buffer on a standard NSLU2

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Hi Markus,

To sum up:
- on David's NSLU2, his tuner makes dma errors in ehci_hcd module.
- on my NSLU2, his tuner if I plug his tuner directly on the NSLU2 with the v4l-dvb-experimental tree, I get a i2c error. With a hub plugging the device freezes the kernel but I have not wired the serial line to see a kernel oops).
Attached is the /var/log/messages corresponding to my try.

The NSLU2 is a based on a IXP420 CPU (ARMv5TE architecture). The internal USB driver is not used, on the PCI bus a NEC USB chip is connected.
See for all infos.

On the debian-arm ML, Lennart Sorensen invoked a CPU usage problem but he was talking about the MPEG-TS stream processing.
My cinergyT2 can stream at 33% CPU user consumption on the NSLU2.


Hi David,

Thierry Merle also has an NSLU2, and he also tries to get it work.. or
least to get as far as you are.


On 9/17/07, David & Anne-Sophie <David.Houard@xxxxxxx> wrote:
Hello Markus,
Did you find a solution for my problem ?

Markus Rechberger

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