Re: Perf ABI versioning

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* Frederic Weisbecker <fweisbec@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> This may be generally useful to help dealing with tracepoint ABI changes.
> But instead of a global tracing ABI number, I would rather suggest one number per 
> tracepoint subsystem (sched, power, etc...).

Nooooooooooo ... !!! :-)

Please lets stop this madness before it gets too serious: we dont do ABI version 
numbering in Linux, full stop.

We use 'natural' ABIs where the lack of an ABI component triggers some sort of 
clean, finegrained error. Like a -EINVAL on a not-yet-implemented ABI component, a 
non-existent file entry, or -ENOSYS on a non-existent syscall.

Such a design is arbitrarily backportable or forward portable, it's extensible and 
it is actually maintainable.

In the ABI version numbering direction lies Windows madness ...


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